This one’s sicksteen quarters, other one’s that one’s over there’s elevuhn quarters. Thaz five quarters different. Thaz one dollar twenfive cents. I use this one cause it’s sicksteen not elevuhn ‘n its better you know it ain’t cheap, I know they gon complain when iss not perfuct as it should be so I use the best ma-chinn, this one, sicksteen quarters ma-chinn.

Man, I came where I come I come from New York! I live there ’til nineteen A E nine, Midtown Manhattan, five blocks from Times Square in those days is costing me seven hundre twenny month, this for, two, bathroom, two, bedroom, this this I’m talking about this a two bedroom place! And space!

Now I go back there two thousan nine, same place, buildings all around empty, or mean I mean full of people also livin there still, it’s like some crime there sometimes but same place I’m in back in those days two thousan nine it’s, it’s, it’s costing, it’s like. THREE THOUSAN! And two hundre. Now it’s more. Over four THOUSAN. In today. This is crazy!

Why I come here, it’s becahs, the people there, it’s always people everyone everywhere. Here too. I leavin’ here too. Where I want to go to? What I’m lookin for? I’m lookin for the yellow brick road!

You releejuss? Thaz great you ahr. Life suhstained and a force and I feel it and I down know abowt how erm — won know how I became releejuss? Becahs Jee-suhs iss a story.

I not a fighter. I fight wen I got a fist from tat ahther guy right here by me swangeeng ten I’m a fighter. I wuz a fighter thoooo HAH! Yeah! Shih I wahz fightin evreeting I could in those days and wonss I neerlee kill a fucking man. But onlee cuz he try and keel me.

See he and me was working on pluhmming in those days, fixin’ pipes in some walls woth pipes we stoled out of other walls, all proffut this way, we had all sorts of pipes uhn it wass ownlee a questjuhn of fittin em togehzur, like you got all theez and thoze and with all that in fron of yew iss juss tri all uhn err or elss en get some extrah pipes while yer in thair fishin around. Yew knoe water is all arown us. Flowing roun. I got susspisshhhuns that iss all wahter. ISS ALL WAHTER. Down tew thuh smalless Adam. Hmmmm. Huhmmm.

Won day we had dissuhhgreeemunt. Diss-uh-gree-ment. Hee cahms ov’r my apahtmun. Knox. Knox. I know iss him. I yell DON KNOCK GAIN. YOU CANNN KUHNOT CAHM IN HEER. THIS MY APAHT MUN YOU NOT WEHLCAHM PLEASE. He kicks the fuckuhn door but it dunt brake. Wuh he think iss a fuckuhn movie? Hah! I opuhn the door en let him in.

He sittin on the sofaw an telluhn me it ain gonna be no pahrtnuhrshep betwuhn uss never gain. I crouchin down pretendin to pick sumthin off dis rolled up cahrput I got rolled up they, rolled up like thees, iss rolled up on my floor, and eenside it I got a fuckuhn piece of pipe hiddun. A fuckuhn pipe he stoled from uh hauss in Greenpoin. Or Queeenss.

All uh suddenh I know he behind me. He gonna tri uhn kill me thah shit fren. He prolly gawt a wire or rope or shit to sufferkayt mee like a shitfren that shitfren. I pull aut the pipe uhn turn to sweeng it like thiz like a ballereenuh one time pull uhn sweeng hit thaht guy righ in the jaw uhn he fallss. He bleedin like shit unkahnshuss faahhhccckk I keep hit him huhm huhm bam bam bam like this like this bam punchin his blahdee faysss.

Duhn he stop tweetchin. Not movun.

Lil drap of blud fall frum my nuckull. Then I shayk my hanss and a lil drop fall here uhn theair uhn he bleedin aut the mout n eye sock n I call the poyleess and leaf thuh playss. Uhn you know all reedy I ain gon bak. I allmoss kill a man. Or may E I dud kel em. Ain gon bakkkk.

Tha night affer I leavuh uh uh I wahk done my blahck wher I livin an you know this no one the gives a shit abowt you yew in New Yohrk Fuckuhn Siiit E. An then thiss Porto Rickan sittin on uh bensh say Sheet man you ain look good. I gon pray for yew bratha.

He gona PRAY for me. I start n cryin. I start n cryin. Un-kahn-troll-uh-BLEE. Cryin.

Thah night I meet God on thah streeh. He say Go on, you been forgivun. You been save. You been blest.

I try uhn reply buh I look back and he gone, exkaped threw thu ahley uhn back into thuh sun n stars n galaxy where he lookin down ahn mee.

Next day I meet ah new fren who travelin with thuh thuh thuh rock band. You know em? I dunno, yeh Air O Smitt. Maybe anothuh. Uhn they need popcorn salesman. I sell it den. In every sitee I follow em aroun. Uhn you know they fiftfy states uhn I been only not to alaska hawaii nebraska michigan new hampshire. All ahther I been. I been all ovah. An I going back.